The Parassini Park

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The Parassini park kannur

    The Parassini Park
    A Classic Tourist Home

    parassini parkparassini parkparassini park

    The Parassini Park
    Near Sreemuthappan Temple,

    Tel:0497-2780910, 2780920

    Our address

    The Parassini Park Near Sreemuthappan Temple Parassinikadavu-670563
    11.9868349, 75.3937726339
    0497-2780910, 2780920

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    Subin Balakrishnan
    2017-03-17 11:04:27
    Nice , Cool,
    Vijayan K
    2016-04-01 18:04:18
    Superb place for stay in Parassinikadavu. Perhaps the best there. Big rooms very nice toilets
    John Padinjare
    2016-03-14 17:52:08
    The best lodge in Parassinikadavu. Very very good rooms. They do not have restaurant. May be they can add a snack bar. Very clean too.
    2016-02-04 11:04:48
    Parassini Park is an outstanding place to stay when visiting Parassini Muthappan Temple. Very neat, Big rooms, very clean toilets. It is simply the best place to stay. Only drawback is they do not have a restaurant but they get you what ever food you want. The only place in Parassinikadavu where there is enough car park.
    2015-06-04 15:31:59
    Simply the best place to stay in Parassinikadavu. Big rooms, 3 star facilities and very clean modern toilets

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